Due to popular demand: My Bilderberger 2005 pics

I see that some websites still link to my old Bilderberger conference pictures. My blog was offline for a couple of years, so this surprised me. It seems, especially in Turkey the demand is there. Some clarifications why I made the pictures, why I decided to spend two days outside the Hotel where Bilderberg met.

I knew about Bilderberg for years. You can find a lot of information online about them. Some of it might be true, but there is also a lot of misinformation. Here are some thoughts about the Bilderberger group:

For three days leaders of corporations, financial institutions, elected officials and Royalty (no joke) meet in secret. Yes in secret, in 2005 the cover was a medical conference, we checked with the hotel management. This group meets and talks about world affairs. For American politicians this might be a violation of the Logan Act.
The details of these talks are not published. Journalists are there, but they “agree” that they will not write about the meeting. Some bullet points about my two days there (What I can remember anyway).

  • Met Jim Tucker and Daniel Estulin, the only two journalists who cover Bilderberg. Daniel showed me some of his magazine stories, talked to Jim Tucker too.
  • People walking by wondered what was going on, no one knew.
  • No one pressured me to not take pictures (as long as I was on the sidewalk).
  • Police checked my backpack (and spent a long time doing that). They asked if they could.
  • Local press was silent, only after the meeting some stories came out.
  • I was never chased or threatened.
  • Overall the experience was surreal, seeing all these well known people come and leave. Example: The current German chancellor Angela Merkel was there, for a short time.
Finally the Internet offers enough bandwidth, so you will get the pictures in the best resolution I have. I only added a watermark. The “videocaps” pictures are stills I made from a DV camera I had with me.