Nach Rotherham: Neues Vergewaltiger Netzwerk in Großbritannien aufgedeckt

Nach dem gigantischen, über jahrzente laufenden Missbrauch von jungen weißen britischen Mädchen durch muslimische Pakistaner in Rotherham, nun ein neuer Skandal. Diesmal in Newcastle.


Eighteen people have been convicted of abusing girls in Newcastle who were plied with alcohol and drugs before being forced to have sex. The vulnerable victims, some as young as 14, were exploited by a „cynical organisation“, a court heard. The 17 men and one woman were convicted of rape, supplying drugs and conspiracy to incite prostitution. Over the course of four trials, 20 young women gave evidence covering a period from 2011 to 2014. These trials involved 26 defendants facing a total of more than 100 charges and 22 victims. Those prosecuted were from the Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Indian, Iraqi, Iranian and Turkish communities and mainly British-born, with most living in the West End of Newcastle.


Das wird nie aufhören. Es läuft in ganz UK, in allen großen Städten. Die Politik weis es, die Einwohner wissen es.